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It can be difficult finding a great role model nowadays. Some companies even hire people to be life coaches… No story, no testimony, no sense of self.

What constitutes a life story worthy of enough experience to coach one from? What gives someone the ability to teach or lead others? To be a mentor? The truth is, we all have our trials.

Jason believes we all have a unique perspective, a gift, and a story to tell. The combination of these self-contained miracles can change the world. We can all be great leaders if we choose to be. We all must live a tough life, and deal with uncontrollable and what may seem to be unfair outside influences and circumstances. We are, however, in control of how we let those circumstances affect us. The knowledge we gain from these interactions can help others grow.

This is where Jason’s leadership shines through. After a 200 pound weight loss journey, Jason became a coach and a nutritionist and mastered the art of team building. In the hay day of Wellness by Jason, a personal training career that turned into a nationwide prosperity movement, they had motivational representation in 9 states, a YouTube Channel, a community running club which grew so large it made its way on the news, and Jason personally helped close to 500 people lose 9,000 pounds of fat, stress… fears. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of lives touched through social and broadcast media.

Shortly thereafter, he fell into sales and network-marketing, which fueled his speaking circuit around the country. Rather than just talking about weight loss, he began speaking of building wealth, changing behavior, overcoming ego, taking responsibility for our actions, and setting goals.

He authored Trainer to Trillionaire, then pulled it from shelves after a spiritual and mental awakening. As of now, it is only available online.

Now, he’s authored the Out series, which is designed to help any and all with personal growth, aligning thinking with purpose and destiny, and to bring hope to those who have felt alone in this world of confusion, chaos, and misunderstanding.

“We can rise from the chaos. We must never give in to adversity. Especially when we have the chance to build our character.” Says Jason.

The first of the series, Outgrow, will launch August 11, 2014. The next, Outthink, in October 2014.
Release dates for the other 3 titles will be announced soon.

He also runs a runs a consultation firm, Legacy Status, with an in-house publisher, that helps new authors and entrepreneurs build and market their own brands. After befriending a few New York Times Best-Selling Authors, he had the opportunity to learn the trade from the professionals on what writing is really about. And sometimes, the answer isn’t writing a book to launch a message.

Jason’s team of brand experts will work with you personally to build your name and your brand until you are a world known expert in your field.

Last we checked, he is in process of a few ghostwriting projects that include a minister, a retired WWF/WWE/WCW wrestler, and recently, a doctor in DFW just to name a few.

Jason Criddle is also the founder of the motivational athletic apparel and product line, #ProjectTrillionaire, with a new extension already coming before a Christmas 2014 pre-launch.

He is the founder of Abundant Life Academia, an organization of mentors, brought together to inspire and create new leadership in the younger generation of teachers and entrepreneurs.

Working with the students of Manera Academy of Irving motivated this move.

He still travels and speaks. (To over 200,000 people alone in 2014.) He is a minister, a counselor, and a fulltime dad to his little angel Emma, who turns 5 right before Christmas, 2014.

He is a stellar promoter with It Works Global.

He spends most of his time in medical representation; providing better doctor/patient relationships through brand and perception expansion. He also specializes in working closely with doctors, nurses, and a multitude of care providers to improve and further advance the growth of the new healthcare industry.

He can be seen helping business owners, small and large; major corporations, start-ups, and network-marketing companies increase their bottom line by helping their people believe in their own abilities.

"Regardless of what you do in life, you should be involved in building residual income. As many streams as possible." And Jason is here to hold your hand through the process.

If you would like to book Mr. Criddle, or any staff members from Abundant Life Academia for a speaking engagement, email us. Whether you are a church, an elementary school, a college, or a new restaurant franchise… The possibilities are endless.

If you are an investor or have an investment opportunity you would like entertained, contact us. If you are in sales, come work with us.

Come back to as often as possible for more updates.

If you need a little humor or motivation, you can still find WellnessbyJason on Instagram.

“…the language used was detailed, creative, and powerful… Throughout the book, the author demonstrates a gift for writing self-help books.
Trainer to Trillionaire will become a huge commercial success, providing lucrative investments on our investment – and yours.” – American Writing Association

Trainer to Trillionaire... "book is well written, and interesting to read
...a lot of excellent points... right on the mark.
...readers will be inspired and educated, you did a great job..." -Tate Publishing

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